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Geomembrane Pond & Liner Systems

A long-standing market leader international, SealEco EPDM geomembranes have consistently proven themselves to be secure, adaptable and easy to work with. Our ElastoSeal and GreenSeal membranes have high durability and are extremely resistant to UV radiation, ozone, root and algae growth. SealEco EPDM geomembranes are often used as pond liners in gardens and parks, lagoon, slurry or reservoir liners, or as industrial pond, basin or water buffers and in civil engineering projects. They can also be fabricated to shape to make a variety of water lining solutions.

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SealEco EPDM Geo En Vijversystemen Privezwemvijvers

Natural Swimming Ponds

A pond can provide a stunning centrepiece and focal point for your garden.  Not only visually beautiful to your family and friends – frogs, birds and dragonflies are just some of the regular visitors that can be attracted into your garden.   A pond can provide an extension of your lifestyle and enhances the features that you create for your home. Swimming ponds can offer an additional benefit to all those listed above.  Whether your preference is for a modern, sleek, angular design, or formed with natural lines and curves, SealEco EPDM membranes are perfect for prefabricating a variety of shapes – not only flat two dimensional liners, but completely three dimensional, custom fabricated shapes can also be created by SealEco.

Industrial & Commercial Ponds

For many companies or businesses, their daily view is uninspiring; dull pavements, roads and car parks or, for the lucky few, a grassy area. A SealEco pond adjacent to a business immediately provides a favourable first impression for clients and a pleasing environment for the staff. Allowing great architectural freedom of design, the possibilities for a water feature are endless, ensuring the business projects the kind of image they wish to achieve – sleek and modern, or natural and flowing. By using SealEco EPDM membranes, anything is possible.
SealEco EPDM Geo En Vijversystemen Industrieel
SealEco EPDM Geo En Vijversystemen Paardenbakken

Riding Arenas

Standard riding arenas often have the disadvantage of having slippery or damp surfaces during wet periods. Similarly, a dry and hard surface may arise if the sprinkler system is not able to adequately function. With both scenarios, the risk of injury can be high if the surface is not entirely safe for the horse and rider. An ebb and flow box can provide the solution to these potentially risky environments. An EPDM membrane is used as a waterproofing layer on the substrate and drainage pipes are laid over the membrane. The ebb and flow container is then filled with a special sand mixture. In the summer or in dry conditions, water is pumped through the drainage pipes to humidify the arena. In wet conditions, the system allows drainage of excess water through the pipes. Throughout the year, the substrate has a consistent quality thanks to the combination of the drainage system and SealEco waterproofing membranes

Water tanks and silos

There are various means of providing water containment, the most popular being tanks, silos or basins.   In addition to SealEco offering large EPDM panels, in many situations it is possible to join membranes on site to provide one watertight solution. The EPDM liners for tanks or silos are prefabricated in 3D in any size or shape, providing complete and secure containment with a long service life.
SealEco EPDM Geo En Vijversystemen Waterbassin En Silo
SealEco EPDM Geo En Vijversystemen Waterbuffering

Water Retention

During periods of heavy rainfall, drains are often unable to cope with the sheer amount of excess water and this can lead to flooding. Increasing built environments only add to this pressure. Providing a means of water retention or buffering provides one solution to this rapidly growing problem. Rainwater is collected and gradually dispersed in a controlled manner, thereby greatly reducing the risk of flood. SealEco offers the right choice for water retention projects.

Plant Containers

SealEco prefabricated 3D membranes are ideal for providing inner liners for flower planters and containers. Completely tailored to your design, virtually any size and shape can be prefabricated. Due to the unique properties of EPDM rubber membranes, the planter is root resistant and 100% waterproof.
SealEco EPDM Geo En Vijversystemen Plantenbakken
SealEco EPDM Geo En Vijversystemen Biogas Membranen

Biogas Membranes

SealEco manufactures a high quality rubber membrane suitable for biogas applications – SealEco BIO EPDM. The membrane is very elastic, has a high methane gas density and is resistant to UV and ozone radiation. Due to the excellent elasticity, SealEco’s Biogas membrane can easily expand and adjust to varying gas pressures. If the pressure drops, it will return to its original form.

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