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Flat Roofing systems

Prelasti EPDM is one of our longest-established brands and is exceptional in several ways, but mainly due to its prefabrication capabilities in 2D and 3D. Prelasti is an unreinforced EPDM membrane for waterproofing roofs. It has mulitple installation methods and can be used for ballasted and adhered roofs as well as for mechanically fastened roofs using the Thermobond Induction System. In the factory, Prelasti membranes are prefabricated to any desired size by means of hot bonding, or by our patented thermobond technique – “waterproofed to size”. The prefabricated seams are, and remain, 100% waterproof.  Prefabricated membranes reduce work on location, which means that both the installation risks and time on site are reduced.

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RubberTop EPDM is an unreinforced EPDM membrane for waterproofing roofs. It has mulitple installation methods and can be used for ballasted and adhered roofs. RubberTop panels are available in a wide range of standard roll widths, with the great advantage that making seams on location is kept to a minimum. 

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AluShell is a high-quality self-adhesive vapour barrier composed of a reinforced aluminium foil, a self-adhesive layer of high polymer SBS and a siliconised protective film. Due to its high resistance to water vapour permeability is used for almost all flat roofs, in combination with most interior climate conditions.

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Rubbershell SA is a groundbreaking, fibreglass reinforced self-adhesive EPDM membrane. Ideal for multiple applications as an all-round solution, for example in gutter lining. The product is dimensionally stable and specially developed for fast and easy installation.

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Geomembrane Pond & Liner systems

ElastoSeal EPDM Geomembrane

Rubber have unique properties and it has proven itself for many years. The material provides an effective and durable membrane with high resistance to chemicals. It has a unique ability to withstand mechanical stresses in the form of pressure and movements. This provides unique benefits as a geomembrane that will be exposed to settlements and movements in the ground.

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ElastoSeal EPDM Basement Tanking

ElastoSeal is an unreinforced elastomeric membrane based on the polymer EPDM for loose laid installation in basements and foundations. It protects any building from penetration of high ground water.

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There is something magical about water. A garden pond draws attention and enhance the appearance of any garden. With GreenSeal rubber membrane from SealEco you can design your own pond just as you like it. You then get a pond that can withstand weather abuse for decades.

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Façade system

The CladSeal system consists of a product range of EPDM strips and accessories with properties that provide solutions for water, vapour, sound and airtightness both internally and externally. The CladSeal system includes EPDM membranes for weather sealing on the exterior and butyl strips where low vapour permeability is required. The system has been developed for weatherproof seals around window frames, facades or other types of building construction. Sourcing everything from one supplier guarantees system compatibility and availability.

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