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Rubbershell SA is a groundbreaking, fibreglass reinforced self-adhesive EPDM membrane. Which is applicable for use both as a seal in gutters and as a seal in façade construction. The product is dimensionally stable and specially developed for fast and easy installation. Rubbershell SA has a top layer of EPDM with a fibreglass reinforcement and a self-adhesive flexible polymer and a removable protective film. The unique composition of Rubbershell SA offers a wide variety of sustainable solutions for numerous air and waterproofing applications.

SealEco EPDM RubberShell.jpg

Gutters (RubberShell SA 1.6mm)
RubberShell can be applied to a variety of surfaces. The substrate must be treated with primer, after which the RubberShell SA can be easily applied. Penetrations and the sealing of seams is carried out by means of hot air welding.