Prelasti EPDM is one of our longest-established brands and is exceptional in several ways, but mainly due to its prefabrication capabilities in 2D and 3D. Prelasti is an unreinforced EPDM membrane for waterproofing roofs. It has multiple installation methods and can be used for ballasted and adhered roofs as well as for mechanically fastened roofs using the Thermobond Induction System. In the factory, Prelasti membranes are prefabricated to any desired size by means of hot bonding, or by our patented thermobond technique - "waterproofed to size". The prefabricated seams are, and remain, 100% waterproof. Prefabricated membranes reduce work on location, which means that both the installation risks and time on site are reduced.

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Ballasted roofs (Prelasti S)
Prelasti membrane is laid loose on the roof surface and covered with ballast or sufficient gravel, in accordance with current local regulations. The ballast layer, in addition to providing the means of securement, also provides additional fire protection. Gravel also slows down the rate of rain water flow to drainage systems. For ballasted roofs, the substructure must be suitable for the applicable weight.

Adhered roofs (Prelasti FR – Prelasti LFR)
Adhesion of the Prelasti membrane is mainly used for lightweight roof construction and roofs with an element of slope. The Prelasti membrane is partially adhered to the substrate with either Polyurethane or MS Polymer Adhesive, both of which are applied in a series of lines or beads to the surface. The membrane can also be fully adhered to the substrate with sprayable contact adhesive which is applied to both the membrane and the substrate. Prelasti membranes can be adhered to various substrates such as concrete, steel, wood, suitable insulation or old bituminous roofs, provided they are clean, dry, in good condition and well-secured. Always consult prior to installation whether the substrate is suitable for bonding.

Mechanical fastening (Prelasti FR)
The Thermobond Induction System combines the use of pre-fabricated membranes with non-perforating fastening techniques, which makes it ideal for a variety of roofs, including lightweight structures. The fastening method is suitable for warm and cold roofs. The Thermobond plates are applied using specially coated fasteners and plates according to a predefined layout. The attachment of the Prelasti membrane does not take place at the seam overlap as with all other roof systems, but in the field area. After the fasteners and plates have been fitted, the prefabricated membrane is rolled out. This means large areas of the roof are immediately protected. The Prelasti membrane is attached to the plates in seconds by means of induction and using a portable Thermbond Induction System or the Guardian Weld. The Thermobond Induction System consists of the following parts: Thermobond plates, fasteners and Themobond Welding machine.

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