ElastoSeal and GreenSeal EPDM Geomembranes have unique properties and have an extensive proven project history. With excellent durability and chemical resistance, SealEco geomembranes are suitable for a wide variety of applications. From award winning structural decorative garden ponds to extensive agricultural lagoon or slurry liners, Greenseal and Elastoseal can easily handle them all.

SealEco International SuperSeal Base Tank

Superior Material
ElastoSeal EPDM Geomembrane remains elastic regardless of age and temperature and offers high resistance to root penetration. It is not subject to stress cracking and does not have a yield point like thermoplastic materials. ElastoSeal EPDM can be installed exposed to weather and atmosphere, or covered by soil or water. Strength, elasticity and service life remains untouched by mechanical stress, settlement, temperatures, chemical and biological influence. 


  • Ornamental lakes and garden ponds
  • Leachate reservoirs at municipal landfill sites
  • Biological water cleaning
  • Diversion and collection of surface water from residential areas
  • Agricultural slurry lagoon liners

Benefits of ElastoSeal EPDM Geomembrane

The ElastoSeal EPDM Geomembrane is a completely engineered system, where product, seaming, details, installation technique and site quality assurance guarantees a maximum of safety and performance. The traceability from production to fabrication and finally to installation is always guaranteed. 

  • Elasticity and strength – irrespective of temperature the membrane will perform well under maximum working load. Multidirectional Strain – resistant to earth settlement and movements.
  • Superior durability with a service life exceeding 50 years.
  • Puncture resistance with full flexibility up to maximum tensile strength
  • Lay flat characteristics – adheres to and provides close contact to any substrate.
  • Unaffected by low temperatures and fully thermally seamable even in freezing conditions.
  • Optimal surface friction characteristics – soft textured rubber surface provides high interface friction.
  • Excellent UV and ozone resistance – superior service life also in exposed installations.
  • High resistance to chemicals – the membrane provides chemical resistance required in waste water ponds.
  • Large panels prefabricated to specified sizes according to site drawings. The result is reduced field seaming and short installation times.
  • Thermobond seaming technique with hot wedge allows for maximum installation control and quality.
  • Thermobond seaming with dual hot wedge allows for conventional air channel QC testing on site.
  • Can be easily adhered to substrates of concrete, wood or metal and can be anchored with conventional methods.
  • Protrusions and pipes are easily protected with prefabricated boots and hot air seaming.
  • Damage is easily repaired, even after many years of exposed installations.
  • Rubber membranes have been used for over 50 years in lining applications and have the longest history of all geomembranes

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