RubberTop EPDM is an unreinforced EPDM rubber membrane for waterproofing flat roofs. Particularly suitable for the domestic market or for small to medium sized roofs, our prefabrication capabilities mean that large panels can be provided in a multiple of widths, which means the roof can often be waterproofed in one piece. These panels are produced in factory conditions, ensuring quality and integrity at all times.

SealEco UK RubberTop

Ballasted roofs (RubberTop)
RubberTop membrane can be laid loose on the roof surface and covered with ballast or sufficient gravel, in accordance with current local regulations. The ballast layer, in addition to providing the means of securement, also provides additional fire protection.  Gravel also slows down the rate of rain water flow to drainage systems. For ballasted roofs, the substructure must be suitable for the applicable weight.

Adhered roofs (RubberTop FR/LFR)
Adhesion of the RubberTop membrane is mainly used for lightweight roof construction and roofs with an element of slope. The RubberTop membrane is partially adhered to the substrate with either Polyurethane or Water Based Adhesive, RubberTop FR/LFR can be used over most common substrates such as timber, or certain insulation products with sufficient compressive and inter-laminar strength and with a suitable facing (check with insulation manufacturer for advice).