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RubberTop Fleece

RubberTop Fleece is a fleece-backed EPDM membrane which has been used in roofing applications for over 30 years and has a proven track record in a wide variety of applications and climates around the world. Available for small to medium new build or refurbishment projects, RubberTop Fleece comes with a range of cold applied tapes, adhesives and accessories which make the system simple and fast to install.

SealEco Ltd EPDM RubberTop Fleece

The addition of a 160g/m² non-woven polyester fleece to the underside of the RubberTop EPDM prior to the vulcanisation process results in an outstanding, extremely stable and highly aesthetic membrane with exceptional weather resistance.  The fleece backing is applied during the production process before vulcanisation takes place, which provides extra adhesion between the fleece and the rubber and results in a very stable membrane with excellent puncture resistance.  There is no change in elasticity between -30°C and +120°C.

Rolls or panels are available in a variety of widths and lengths from our distributors.   Our specialist prefabrication technology means that wider panels are manufactured under factory conditions ensuring quality and integrity at all times.

For larger or industrial projects, our heat welded Prelasti Fleece system is available.  Prelasti Fleece is only installed by trained contractors. 
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